Make a Tiki God in Photoshop

Tiki God Preview

Tiki God Preview

The rest of America is in love with Hawaii, and has been since World War II. At that time, soldiers and sailors returned to the mainland with all manner of trinkets, including replicas of the Tiki gods which can be found throughout Polynesia. In this tutorial, you can make one of your own using just a couple of wood textures.




What You Should Know First


Source Files

You don’t need to use these, but they may come in handy.

  1. Tiki Head Paths .PSD (61KB)
  2. Wood Texture .JPG (349KB) (Thanks to cgtextures!)
  3. Eye Texture .PSD (248KB)


Part One: Create the Head

  1. Create a new file (File > New). Use the settings below.
  2. If you do not know how to use the Pen tool, I recommend you download the file #1 above and open it in Photoshop instead. Then skip the steps that involve drawing with the Pen tool (start with Step 8). I have provided the paths for you.
New Document Settings

New Document Settings

  1. Select the Pen tool. Pen tool
  2. In the Control panel, click on the icon for Paths (not Shape layers).
  3. Use the Pen tool to draw an outline for your Tiki head.
  4. Stay on the same work path in the Paths panel, and draw openings for the eyes.
  5. In the Paths panel, double click on the words Work Path and rename the path head outline.
Pen Path for Head Outline

Pen Path for Head Outline

  1. In the Paths panel, click on the Load path as selection icon.
Load path as selection

Load path as selection

  1. Open your file with the wood texture (you can grab file #2 above). (Thanks to cgtextures!) I took a photo of plywood and fiddled with it a bunch in Photoshop.
  2. Select > All
  3. Edit > Copy
Wood Texture

Wood Texture

  1. Go back to your tiki file.
  2. Edit > Paste Into. This pastes your wood texture onto a new layer and uses your outline selection to create a layer mask.
Paste Into

Paste Into

  1. Rename the layer face (double-click on the words Layer 1 to make it editable).
  2. Click on the layer thumbnail which contains the wood texture.
Select the Thumbnail

Select the Thumbnail

  1. Save your file.
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2 comments on “Make a Tiki God in Photoshop
  1. I teach Sci Vis 1 and 2 in Greensboro, NC and the art teacher showed me your website. I think its great! I plan to have my students go to your website – especially the graffiti lesson because so many of my high school age boys are very into the art style of graffiti. Being able to take their interest and my goal of learning photoshop and combine them makes my class so much more fun to teach and learn in! Thanks for this website! – Ms. Kennedy

  2. You’re welcome, Candice! Scientific Visualization sounds like a very interesting course.

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